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Our primary mission is to help ex-race horses find new homes and second careers once they are no longer runners on the track. We will help any horse that is in need. Ex-race horses coming off the track can often experience a very wide rang of problems and may be in need of veterinary assistance and or rehabilitation. Sometimes all they need is a little R & R and TLC. But whichever the case may be, we work hard to provide them with all of the necessary care and meet all of their needs in every way possible. We always strive to match our horses with a friend or family for a lifetime full of enjoyment.

In most cases thoroughbreds require a more experienced rider that has more knowledge and can continue with the horses retraining process. Ex- race horses are very lovable and can make excellent companions. They can also make excellent show horses, jumpers, dressage, hunters, or just a nice trail horse.

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